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Blazing fast SSD for MongoDB Hosting

MongoDB on blazing fast SSD!

Deploy MongoDB on solid state disks (SSD) for breakthrough performance! On AWS use provisioned IOPS for guaranteed disk performance

Unique deployment model

MongoDB hosting on our servers or bring your own cloud account. Manage your clusters in the safety of your own account and don't expose them to the internet

Unique deployment model for MongoDB Hosting
Automatic backup for MongoDB Hosting

Amazon Virtual private cloud (VPC) support

Deploy and manage MongoDB clusters in your own AWS Virtual private cloud. Prevent your mongo databases from being exposed to the internet. Connect to your mongodb instances from on premise using site to site VPN connection

On demand Scale

Dynamically scale your up MongoDB servers to respond to demand. Scale up the CPU, memory & disk without downtime. On AWS dynamically increase your provisioned IOPS.

SSL support for MongoDB Hosting
SSL support for MongoDB Hosting

SSL support

Increase the security of your clusters by enabling SSL. Encrypt data as it flows over the network and prevent eavesdropping

Dedicated Server MongoDB hosting

No more shared databases! Deploy a dedicated server for your MongoDB database. Get root SSH access to the underlying server

Dedicated servers for MongoDB Hosting
Automatic backup for MongoDB Hosting

Automatic backup and Restore

On demand and scheduled point in time backups for your Mongo servers. You have the option of storing your backup to Amazon S3 or NFS shares


MongoDB Management

Manage your MongoDB clusters in the safety of your own cloud account. Don't expose your databases to the internet.

MongoDB Hosting

Don't worry about servers or clouds. Create your MongoDB cluster on our servers, get your connection string and focus on your app.


Do you need someone to manage your MongoDB clusters? Our expert support staff will fully manage your database leaving your team free to focus on your application. Both hosting and management models are supported.

Some of our clients

  • Our Clients

I never have to login to my AWS console or terminal to manage my mongodb. I can grow my data storage capability in a few clicks.

Taylor Luk Founder of Issue

MongoDirector is the best of both worlds - attractive economics of an EC2 account that we control along with the peace of mind that comes from a hosted solution.

Michael Brill CEO of

Simplify your MongoDB management experience

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